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Flagstone Patio Project

1A: Before

  • The bed is overgrown with shrubbery and ground cover.
  • Goal: Transform the bed into a beautiful flagstone patio with a firering.

1B: Excavation

  • Removed old plants
  • Removed soil to solid ground

1C: Material

  • Material is stocked on site.

1D: Set Grades

  • Installed 6-8 inch base.
  • Compacted in 2 inch layers.
  • Added a final 1 inch of sand to level the flagstone.
  • Started firering.

1E: Grades

  • Grading around the finished patio.

1F: Lay Out

  • Landscaping laid out and installed.

1G: Sand Installed

  • Polymeric sand installed into patio joints.
  • The sand hardens which helps to keep weeds out of the patio.
  • Sand activated with two applications of a light mist.

1H: Final Product

  • Patio, firering, benches, and landscape finished.